Are these Jello Shots?
Yes and no. Many people use the term "Jello Shot" to describe a product like ours. However, JELL-O™ is technically a brand name. That said, we refer to ours as “gelatin shots”.
Where can I buy POOF shots?
POOF Premium Alcohol-Infused Gelatin Shots is Canadian and only locally owned. We are currently available in Alberta. Visit our Where to Buy page for store locations!
How many flavours are there?
We’re constantly working on new flavors to add to our lineup. Right now, we have 5 delicious flavors. Blue Raspberry Watermelon Cherry Sour Apple Banana
How much alcohol is in each shot?
Vodka-Based POOF shots are 12% Alcohol Per Volume.
Should I keep them in the fridge or freezer?
Actually, because we make our shots with plant-based ingredients, you can store them at room temperature. We do recommend consuming POOF shots chilled or frozen though, so toss them in the fridge or freezer for a bit before the party.
Can I use the jar as a cooler?
You betcha! Just add some ice and you’re shots are ready for the party. Poof Tip: use crushed ice for an extra frosty celebration.
What ingredients are in POOF shots?
water, vodka, fructose, sugar, citric acid, malic acid, carrageenan (seaweed), natural and/or artificial flavor (as listed on shot top)
How do I get sponsored by POOF shots?
Please hit us up on our contact page or send us an instagram DM! We are happy to feature influencers and party drink enthusiasts on our pages